Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Night Vision: A Very Short Horror Story.

So I received a prompt after my last post, and decided to give it a go. Warning: it's horror.
The prompts were: A commercial airplane lavatory, an envelope, 400 words max.
Here it is:

Night Vision

Paul stumbled to the bathroom amid heavy turbulence and under the reproachful looks of the flight attendants. Once inside the tiny cubicle, he tried to decide whether to throw up or pee first, in a titanic struggle between Bladder and Stomach. He took three deep breaths and Stomach settled a bit, so Bladder won.
The plane lurched, throwing Paul against the side bulkhead. He cursed and wondered once again why the pilot had decided to fly through the storm. He braced himself: one foot in the corner near the door, one against the smurf-size vanity, one hand on the handle, and one hand on business. Then he stopped.
On the toilet seat lay a padded manilla envelope. Frowning, Paul put business back in his pants and picked it up. It wasn't sealed, and felt unevenly bulky, as if it contained something that it wasn't quite designed to hold. On it, block writing in black ink read “WHOEVER FINDS THIS, PLEASE GIVE TO DARLA SUMMERS, BURLINGTON, VT.”
More turbulence shook the plane, and Paul was thrown down on to one knee as a note fell out of the envelope. He caught it and read.
“I miss you more than I can tell you were my life my light my vision in the night. I don't believe you really meant what you said the other night I don't believe you really left I don't believe you don't love me trust me anymore well I can't do it without you I feel myself slipping away away far away where I don't want to ever go again into the world of THEM CRAZY VOICES.
“Remember you once told me you were scared every time I climbed into my pilot's seat and flew remember I told you not to worry that you were all that I needed to guide my across the night sky well tonight I am going to prove it to you I am going to show you I can fly alone with only you in the copilot's seat with only your light to guide me nothing else nothing else.”
“Love forever,
Stomach and Bladder both clenching, Paul shook the envelope again.
Two white and red rubbery balls rolled on the carpet and left a trail of blood as they came to rest against the door, staring blankly at Paul.



Pierre Mackay said...

Just read the story. It's 38 minutes past midnight. Should have lisened to the warning... Sweet dreams!

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